8 Apps To Get Paid To Play Games Online: Earn $60K/Year

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(Last Updated On: May 15, 2022)

Online games have become an obsession among people. The current pandemic has pushed us all the more towards it. Solving online puzzles helps to construct dexterity, create rationale and spatial abilities, hone your mind, and help you to earn money. Yes, you heard it right; many puzzles can brainstorm your mind and let you pocket some money. Here, we have written some of the best fun and learning games that not only upgrade your memory but you can get paid to play games online.

Before we dive into the games that help you earn money, let’s disclose how much you can make.

Professional gamers can make an average of $60,000 per year, and top-rated gamers can earn $15,000 per hour. And some people work as video game journalists who earn a salary ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

Get Paid To Play Games Online

1. Dream 11

If you wish to get bang for your buck, try playing Dream 11. You can start this fantasy game by putting a small demonization.

In terms of popularity, it has already crossed the benchmark of 10,000+installs now, which shows how popular it is. It is an online game meant for football freaks.

In this game, you have the flexibility to select the players- defenders, midfielders, forwards and goalkeepers. The idea is to form a winning team to achieve an overall high score.

The game includes two kinds of contests for its players; it includes a big prize pool and a small prize pool, and the player can follow the live match to monitor the performance in the game.  

What does the player require?

Apart from keenness in the game, the player needs to arm himself with knowledge about players and their abilities.

The beginners can start with a small budget, and then they can get ahead with the big leagues, gradually taking their strategy up. 

2. Swagbucks Games

Another online gaming community that is worth joining is Swagbuck Games. It is one of the best online games available in the market.

One favourite among the users is Swagbucks Live, where the users can win virtual currency that can be exchanged for cash.

The most significant benefit of the game is that they offer you many games that you can play and win.

For each winning shot, there is money waiting, which you can redeem as gift cards, PayPal, Prepaid visa, etc.

The company also helps you get paid for online activities like answering surveys, watching videos, etc.

Their games are Solitaire Cash, MGM slots, Bingo Blitz, Grand Mafia, Forge of Empire, Lord of Rings, Elvenar, etc.

3. Slingo

It is another popular gaming platform that lets you play to the fullest.

You can play this game either on a desktop or mobile.

The player can redeem the winnings either by cash or by PayPal.

4. Qureka

A fun and learning game that empowers you to do some brain-twisting activities and play simultaneously!

You can start playing daily live quizzes and win cash prizes in this game.

There are also hourly games that can help you pocket enough cash for your vacation.

Currently, there are six games that they offer. The game aims to test your hand and eye coordination.

The users can sit at 9 AM and play till 9 PM and win worth $750 every day.

The quizzes may range from history, current affairs, art, general knowledge, culture, cricket, technology, music, literature, nature, world, geography, celebrities, and social background.

5. Buff

Thanks to its entertainment quotient, the game secures high popularity.

It offers an ultimate gaming experience where players can enter into the world of captivating games and at the same time improve their spatial learning and legitimate reasoning skills.

The gaming interface is friendly. The gamer can earn rewards and then redeem them into real cash. However, the cash prizes are subject to tax.

6. Lucktastic

Money-making is available on smartphones and you can get paid to play games online with Lucktastic.

More than one million players are already part of this game and have won cash using online scratch-off, contests, etc.

Playing these games is free, and there are no conditions involved.

However, your odds of winning the game will depend upon the players who have entered the contest.

7. 888 Poker

It is an international poker game that features online poker tournaments.

The player has to create a team of professional poker players and it is currently available in the USA only.

You can withdraw the earnings by logging into your account and clicking on withdraw tab.

8. Slotomania

The online game is a real champion. It provides you with a platform to play casinos and win a bundle of coins.

You can also purchase the coins through the bonuses you receive while playing the game.

Bottom Line

These games supercharge your mind and are bundled with a magnificent learning experience and at the same time help you to earn Almighty Dollar.

These games not only will give you long stretches of fun but help you to maintain financial stability too.

Though they have daily limits and are not tax-free, they are worth playing for.

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